Thanks for stopping by the newly designed Jazz90.1 website! By now, you’ve noticed some significant improvements and enhancements to the site, and we hope you’re enjoying surfing around. One of the improvements that we made was for your online listening experience. Our old website made it difficult for listeners with various operating systems to listen live due to issues with Windows 10, and some external players such as Windows Media and VLC. Now, we have provided improved ways for you to listen to Jazz90.1 and Swing & Blues Radio online! They are: 1) Click on the sliders on the top right of the Jazz90.1 website home page to listen live. These players will work in all browsers and on all operating systems for Windows and Mac. 2) Click on the name of the show on the upper right side of the website (es. Jazz with Lynda Wildman.) This will “pop up” a new player for you that you can then minimize while you surf to other websites. 3) Go to the “Listen” page, and then to “Listen Live.” There, you will find the sliders for each of our stations (including our 56k connection for those with slower access) as well as the direct links to our streams. Those with internet radios especially may need those direct links. As you can imagine, we are still working out some bugs. If you have any trouble, please e-mail – and we will work quickly to get any issues fixed. Thank you for supporting Jazz90.1!