Dick Robinson

Dick Robinson – an icon of harmony and rhythm in charity, TV, radio and business circles – redefines the relationship between notes and chords as they are played in many different communities across our regions. In nonprofit circles, Dick Robinson’s passions, interest and deed in helping those in need blend charity fundraising and celebrity with classic and timeless entertainment. His respected relationships with entertainers, combined with his great heart to help charities, has led to millions of dollars in fundraising successes for deserving nonprofits. Vic Damone, Keely Smith, the late Al Martino, Debby Boone, Jack Jones and Ann Hampton Callaway have headlined blockbuster events on behalf of their friend Dick Robinson to fundraise within his communities.

His concerto over the years consists of many accomplishments including Founder & Chairman of Connecticut School of Broadcasting (the nation’s oldest and largest group of broadcast media schools), Owner of New England and Florida radio stations and Founder of the nonprofit organization the Society for the Preservation of the Great American Songbook.

Today, in addition to his many business and charity commitments, Dick hosts an internationally syndicated TV and radio show aired on over 75 network affiliates nationwide, “Dick Robinson’s American Standard’s by the Sea.” The radio show was granted its name because it takes place within “Airwaves,” The Robinson Media Group’s Motor Yacht, operating with a custom-designed radio and TV studio on board.

“Airwaves” is docked at different ports from New England to the Keys throughout the year, where Dick Robinson leaves a wake for new and long-time listeners of the Great American Songbook. He blends the artistry, interviews and anecdotes of talents like Sinatra, Bennett, Ellington, Basie, Fitzgerald, Damone, Steve and Eydie, Torme, Keely Smith, Jack Jones, Nat and Natalie Cole, Michael Buble’, Steve Tyrell, Michael Feinstein, and Diana Krall.

“Dick Robinson’s Music by the Sea,” a half-hour TV show and video version of his radio show, can be viewed in South Florida, and 24-7 on yachtamusic.com.

The Society for the Preservation of the Great American Songbook Dick Robinson’s Passion: The Society for the Preservation of the Great American Songbook. Founder and President, Dick Robinson, created this 501(c)3 to increase awareness, especially for children and young adults, of what he believes to be the greatest music ever recorded. In addition to his weekly radio and TV shows, to support the Society’s mission (to preserve and perpetuate the music, character and history of the Great American Songbook), Dick addresses the social needs of youth and the nostalgic memories of the “greatest generation.”

The Society’s primary plan is to educate today’s adolescents about the Great American Songbook music. Music is well-known to connect deeply with teenagers and to influence their development, perhaps more than any other entertainment medium. Our next generation will only appreciate this meaningful, positive, optimistic, and entertaining part of their American heritage when we work to keep the music playing.

In addition, affiliates across the country continue to pick up “Dick Robinson’s American Standards by the Sea”; “yachtamusic.com” offers video and audio performance, and the Society launched theoriginalgasstation.com, its Internet radio station, accessible around the world and around the clock.