Jake Longwell

Jake Longwell is the host of Jazz Progressions on Jazz90.1 every Tuesday night at midnight. He has always had a passion for radio, obtaining an Associate’s Degree in radio and working at several stations in Geneva including WEOS and WHWS as a volunteer DJ. He currently produces up to seven programs as a volunteer for different stations, mostly concentrating on jazz or influenced music including traditional, acoustic, new age, or modern jazz. Jake is also blind and is only able to see slightly out of only one eye – but very little at that. Because of his disability, the equipment needed to put his broadcasts together is set up in his apartment. It is tedious but satisfying work for him. Just locating songs from a CD takes considerable concentration, since reading the liner notes and packaging calls for drawing them literally to within an inch or two of his face. Jake Longwell is a classic example that money is not the measure of a man’s success nor can a disability deter someone from working toward an important goal.

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