Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris launched Big Road Blues in the summer of 2007 which can be heard every Sunday from 5pm to 7pm. Big Road Blues explores the forgotten history of the blues spanning the 1920’s through the 1970’s. In addition to classic artists, the show focuses an equal amount of time on those forgotten blues figures from the past; from the once popular artists who are now forgotten to the obscure artists who may have only cut a handful of 78’s or 45’s. Most shows are built around a theme such as a particular artist, record label, lyrical theme, spotlights on notable reissues, features on out-of-print records, etc.

Jeff Harris discovered his passion for blues while growing up in the Bronx, avidly listening to left-of-the-dial radio stations and sneaking into blues and jazz clubs. He began seriously collecting blues while in high school and hosted a blues show for several years when he attended college. After college he co-hosted the very popular Bad Dog Blues on WITR for close to 12 years. In addition he has written liner notes for several historical , contemporary and local releases as well as over a dozen entries for the two volume Encyclopedia of the Blues. In 2007, he launched Hot Blues for the Homeless which has become a highly successful annual event featuring national and local blues acts.

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