Kim Corcoran is the host of 2 on the Aisle: Broadway At Its Best. Born in Kendall, New York,thousands of years ago, Kim spent over 30 years living in Manhattan, osmosing Broadway into her veins (and city snark into her gray matter), so much so that she believes she actually was IN a show once upon a time with Ethel and Carol and Zero! (Take pity on her; there is no medication for this kind of fantasy life.) By day, Kim is a math tutor, the leader of the Kendall Lawn Chair Ladies (coming to a parade near you!), and a biker (the kind without the motor). She likes to take long bike rides, btw, like the one she completed in 2016, around Lake Ontario. Kim is also a hammy actress with the B.U.M. Players of Brockport, NY, and a fan of traveling to exotic lands to shop for earrings. Her 2 children are hardly children anymore, but Kim pretends. Music wise, Frank Loesser, Stephen Sondheim, Cy Coleman, and Elaine Stritch light her fire! You can listen to Kim’s show every Sunday afternoon from 3 to 5pm and you can check out the blog for her show by clicking here.

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