Dave Enright

Years ago, while still at Eastman Kodak, I was viciously attacked by a relatively new bug  – a large but slow desktop critter! I started out on a TRS-80, 8 ½” floppy drive, 64mg of memory. Soon, I was buying my first IBM PC Junior. Ahhh, the beginning of the end. Within a week, I had it torn down for upgrades. I realized that this was something I could do 24 hours a day … the thrill of the hunt when troubleshooting; the creative challenge of new-builds; and, best of all, the different people I get to meet and work with each day. Early 1991, I started what is now Enright PC Management Services, Inc., and left EK shortly after. My focus is to support business or home PC needs while minimizing workflow disruption. User-friendly service, high-quality parts, and off-hour scheduling are the by-words of Enright PC Mgt. The first word is my name … symbolic of my being as up-front with clients as possible!

For over 20 years now, I have enjoyed being teamed up with Nick and Steve, answering folks computer questions on the air.

Working hours

  • Saturday
    12 p.m.2 p.m.

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Phone: 585-966-2660

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